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Supreme Court - Increments

 Supreme Court - Increments

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Vigil takes ACA fight to LoBiondo

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 Frequently Asked Questions about a Desk Audit?

Four members of Local 1085 who were fired last year have been reinstated to their jobs at the Shady Lane Home by an arbitrator. President Rich Dann said the decision was a strong rebuff to managers at the Gloucester County Improvement Authority who are quick to fire workers with no regard to fairness. Back pay was ordered in all four cases. Read more >>>

A Gloucester County EMT who had been injured on the job was almost fired recently, until Local 1085 forced the County to honor her rights under state and federal disability laws. Local President Rich Dann said the case should be a lesson to management and also to other employees about their legal rights. Read more >>>

An employee at the Shady Lane Home who was fired for absenteeism in 2013 has regained her job, thanks to CWA. Read more >>>

As the result of intervention by Local 1085, the Civil Service Commission has instructed Gloucester County that a handful of newly hired Public Safety Telecommunicator Trainees must be given regular appointments rather than temporary jobs. Read more >>>

Although Governor Christie has so far avoided paying a required $2.43 million in pension contributions this year and next, CWA and other unions are continuing their lawsuits. Read more >>>

Local 1085 has filed unfair labor practice charges with the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) complaining that Gloucester County illegally refused to negotiate with the union before adopting a policy that requires all County employees to sign up for direct deposit of their biweekly pay. The charges were filed by Local President Rich Dann on September 3. Read more >>>

The recent decision by the Supreme Court in Harris v. Quinn has prompted questions about the impact of the case on public employees and the labor movement. The short answer is that it has no significant impact on most public employees or on their union representation. What it does is to exempt a relatively small but growing group of employees from paying representation fees to a union, thus allowing them to become "free riders." Read more >>>

The JCAU has reached a grievance settlement with the State Judiciary that preserves employees' rights to use their current allotment of sick and vacation leave, even if it has not been earned yet. Read more >>>

After almost two years of litigation, Local 1085 has reached a settlement with Gloucester County that recognizes employees' speech rights as well as management's obligation to negotiate terms and conditions of employment with the union. Read more >>>

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